Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

Emblem is a unique digital asset vault system with integrated chatbot, crypto token wallet and file manager, built with p2p and decentralized technology and powered by the COVAL platform and distributed ledger network.

Simple, elegant and easy to use

All the complexity is under the hood and we strive to make the user experience enjoyable and minimalistic.

Create Emblem

Get started by naming the new Emblem and add some additional info.

Manage Emblem

Fund it with crypto tokens or gift cards, add files and media. Embot will assist you.

Send Emblem

Recipients will get push notifications or directly send a redemption link or tandem public crypto token to anyone.

Trade Emblem

An Emblem Vault itself can be a tradable blockchain asset and used on public p2p exchanges or in private OTC deals.

Claim Emblem

A distributed ledger handles requests to decrypt the vault and it becomes unsendable without trustless properties.

View Emblem

Check token and gift card balances, transaction history, file listing and view/play media.

Fundable, Sendable, Tradable


Fund an Emblem with Bitcoin and XCP tokens or Ether and ERC20 tokens or attach fiat value using digital gift cards.


Send Emblems to anyone using tandem public crypto tokens, redemption links and identity services.


List Emblems on p2p exchanges, ad hoc markets or do private OTC deals.

What is an EMBLEM?

What is an Emblem Vault?

Emblem is a unique digital asset vault system that combines four main components shown below. The app provides crypto token wallets, chat room with chatbot (embot), media player/viewer, file manager and other useful features. The vault is designed to be trustless and mostly decentralized. Actions and requests are dependent on a distributed ledger network and the LAW Protocol (Ledger Assigned Wallet).

Private Blockchain Asset

Private Blockchain Asset

Assets are used on a private ledger which Emblem operates within to send/receive Emblems. The ledger controls who can send and own Emblems and logs the state.

Public Blockchain Asset

Public Blockchain Asset

A Bitcoin (XCP) and/or Ethereum (ERC20) tandem token is used for sending/receiving Emblems outside of the Coval Network by exporting the Emblem.

Encrypted Data Room

Encrypted Data Room

An encrpyted chat room with integrated chatbot (embot), wallet tools and file uploads. This is where an Emblem is managed by an Emblem holder or owner.

HTTP/DAT URL (emblem.id)

HTTP/DAT URL (emblem.id)

A URL using HTTP and DAT protocols for exposing public Emblem metadata, transaction logs and restricted access for recipients to redeem the Emblem.

Technical Components

Decentralized tech using DAT & Matrix

Dat syncs and streams data directly between devices with end-to-end encryption and secret public-key/sha256 addresses. Matrix is a federated communication protocol.

MFA using Unloq

Secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorization and data encryption service.

Blockchain using COVAL

A Sidechains Platform, Network and Protocol to facilitate movable value with a balance of trustless and frictionless models.

A COVAL Project

The Emblem app is built by the COVAL Team and integrates the â‚¡OVAL token. To learn more about COVAL, visit coval.cc